Shamanic Healing

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Shamanic Healing is an energy healing practice, drawing on and channelling natural healing energy to release blockages and bring balance to the individual. It simultaneously works on all aspects of an individual’s being – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Sometimes, where talking fails, or deep-seated unconscious blocks exist, energy practices can get straight to the root of an issue and offer rapid transformation.

Type of healings offered:
Juliet offers sound healings, soul retrievals, regression and chord cutting on a 1-2-1 basis. She also facilitates individual and group Shamanic Journeys, which are a great way to find the root cause of a problem, to seek guidance on specific issues and to heal wounds.

What to expect:
Typical sessions are an hour in duration and involve a short consultation, followed by lying down on a healing couch and time for integration afterwards. Shamanic Healing is a hands-on healing practice, and involves sound healing with voice and where appropriate the use of a Shamanic drum.

Juliet offers 1-2-1 healing sessions in Reading, Newbury and Aldermaston.

She is currently completing a series of healing case studies – which require completion of a short feedback form outlining how you felt during and after the healing and, if applicable, in between sessions. Participation is in exchange for low cost healing. Contact Juliet to find out more.

Details of upcoming group Shamanic Journeys can be found on the workshops page.

Juliet carried out her Shamanic Healing training at The Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury and also undertook further CPD training in soul retrieval for therapeutic professionals with Christa Mackinnon and Sue Fox.