The Moon Speaks

A channelled message from the moon on wholeness:

Feel the purity of my being
And know that it is the purity within you
For you too are made of me 
The water in your body speaks to me
Calls to me
For we are not apart
Day balances night and night balances day
Two halves of the same coin
Dark and light
Sun and moon
In truth we are not apart
Different elements and forces balance everything out
The ultimate aim is for the human being to come to a realisation of their oneness
That all parts are within them
The sun and the moon
The day energy, the night energy
The physical drive, the rest
The shadow material needs to be dispelled
Everything one sees and everything one touches and everything one thinks is all a part of themselves
Everything one rejects is all a part of themselves
So the more one rejects, the more one perpetuates the problem of human suffering and human mistreatment
Accept everything as a part of yourself
This is the way forward
The moon casts a light so bright, even in the darkness of night
Illuminating human consciousness
Use this light within your life to cast a light on all that you would rather not see within yourself
For as you transmute the dark within yourself, you transmute the dark within the whole
The shadow is not to be feared as it once was
Planetary changes causing people to face their shadows
So that they can rise up and come together in a unified way
Fears are all illusory
Whatever your fears are from other people are the fears within yourself
So work to transmute the fears within yourself
So you can take your place as a collaborator with the whole
The age of going after your own gains is over
It is time to take a unified approach in every action
Have courage and have faith and be who you are
For everyone is born to discover who they really are 
And everyone has a different path to get there
So judge none
Be the model for what you want to be 
For you can influence others just as others can influence you
So choose to influence in a positive way
Spread the light and the purity of the energy of the moon
Not the fear
Keep your system clean
The age of clogging oneself up with toxins is too coming to a close
For it cuts one off from the connection to the whole of which they are part
Feel my stillness and know that it is your stillness
You and I are not apart
Sit beneath me
Gaze up at the stars, at the moon and feel your oneness
Be in nature
Connect with all the elements
This is the pathway back to a remembrance of your oneness with all elements of the cosmos
The more people that remember, the more the world will shift in to an age of harmony from an age of disharmony
The process is underway and the elementals and all the spiritual forces are helping and guiding it that way 
The trajectory is underway 
It cannot be stopped
It cannot be hindered
For it will unfold the way it is meant to unfold
People can fight it, resist it
Or they can go with the flow and augment it 
All awakened souls can help guide those not yet awake
Just be still
Release any tension
Human beings live carrying so much tension and anxiety that they need not hold
It prevents them from acting in the right way 
It cuts them off from their intuition
So take the time to centre
Be outside
Be in nature
No matter the weather
Feel your oneness with all the forces
And then it becomes possible to act in harmonious ways
Spreading a love of the whole of which one is part
Transmitting the energy of peace and fullness and awareness of the fullness within you
For you are a whole part within the whole
Nothing can take away your wholeness
Any blocks to your wholeness can be worked through and transmuted alchemically in to gold
The light of shining consciousness to serve others as you have been served
This is the human pathway to individual freedom and to collective freedom
My words have been spoken
Separating back out now
With love, with harmony, with gratitude

The Cheesering Rock Speaks

The Cheesering Rock Speaks

A channelled message from the Cheesering – a natural rock formation on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. I was guided to enter in to the consciousness of the rock, and these were the words that were expressed through me:

We are one now

In truth we are always one but the different forms give us different perceptions

The rock harbours no illusions about its oneness with the all

It is the humans that harbour the illusions

It is the humans that see a rock and think it is just a rock

The rocks have been here much longer than the humans

And the rocks have much to share

Much wisdom

Not just something to tread upon and to throw and discard

We carry the wisdom of the ages

We have a solid form, a heavy form

We do not think as such but are capable of discourse

We absorb and we hold the memory of all that has gone before

That is why sacred sites are imbibed with all the ceremonies that have taken place at them

This is why it is important to have a reverence for these sites

Lack of reverence and mistreatment to us – as with humans – requires healing

For the land retains the memory of everything that happens upon it

For the land must be treated with respect

Feel the stillness as you enter in to our consciousness

There is nothing to do or be, no place to go

Just sitting, not striving for anything

We just are

Just as humans just are

It is the mind that causes the turmoil

So be with us a while, still the mind

Still the thoughts

Find freedom

Feel your connection to the earth

For every human is here for a purpose

Many never find their purpose

Or misuse their purpose

Others flee

Shooting for the stars, the heavens

The earth is the connection piece

The human needs a connection to the earth in order to carry out their purpose

In order to be the bridge

All humans are here to be a bridge between heaven and earth

You are one such bridge

Connecting to the land in this way as you connect to the spiritual realms

The integration of both in your body is what will set you free

Will enable you to realise your oneness

Which is one and the same as our oneness

Realise that you are not superior nor inferior

You just simply are

And your purpose is different to ours

We support and hold the people

But the people rarely recognise this

It is time for the people to remember

Remember what they have forgotten

And this is the message we can share

For you can share our words

You can help our voice to be heard

From the grain of sand to the mountain

We all have a different story to tell

We hold the memory of our specific locations as well as the memory of the whole

Your healing is needed at specific locations that have been mistreated

Listen to our wisdom

Carry out land healing

Some sites are for healing others

Some sites require healing to be restored to their full healing capacity

This is one such place of freedom

Where the elders danced and sang

Tribes gathered

Memories far and wide

Great devotional practices happened here

And continue to happen

This is the story that has been forgotten by many

The story that will be remembered as the people wake up

And the people now are waking up

Far and wide

For a new era is beginning

The age of ignorance is coming to a close

Much chaos predicted as it does so

But the process of dismantling has already begun

And as it unravels

The people need to keep their centre

The earth will support the people to keep their centre

All the people need to do is love the earth

It is a simple message

But one that cannot be said loudly enough

For without it there will be no earth, there will be no people

The earth can flourish again

The people can flourish again

But the key is connection and collaboration with each other and also with the other realms

Doing away with competitive industries

Doing away with different class systems

It is all a farce

No one is more important than another

And this applies to humans, animals, to all of nature

Thank you for taking the time to connect with us

Thank you for listening to our voice