Stone Circle Psycho-Healing-Therapy

Stone Circle Psycho-Healing-Therapy combines traditional psychotherapy and a variety of healing practices with the ancient and sacred wisdom of the stone circle. It is carried out in an astral platform that is imbibed with the healing energy of multiple sacred sites in the natural world, thus simultaneously attuning individuals to a higher frequency as the work is carried out.

The stone circle since time immemorial has been revered as a sacred Holy place, a place of great healing. Indigenous tribes did ceremonies, connecting with the land. Sitting in the circle transmits a frequency of wholeness to the individual, for each individual is a circle: a unique stone within the circle, here to play a part, and also part of the greater whole of the circle. Without the individual stone, the circle would be incomplete, so each part is as important as the other. 

In this way, the aim of Stone Circle Psycho-Healing Therapy is to help individuals to re-connect to the core of their being, and to find their place in the world, in alignment with the whole of which they are part – which includes the ecosystem. 

It is based on the premise that all wounds go back to the original wound of separation from the Divine and thus aims from the outset to help individuals re-establish this connection, by attuning them to the Divine Light within and to the natural world of which they are part, whilst simultaneously releasing blocks that have held them back from a realisation of their oneness. 

Stone Circle Psycho-Healing Therapy is steered by the therapist, but more importantly, by multiple higher guides and beings connected to the individual, the therapist and the space itself. It can, therefore, quickly help individuals to re-connect to their inner guidance, thus having less need for the person of the therapist. In this sense, it is a self-empowering form of therapy as individuals are encouraged to find the answers within.

How does it work
A typical session may begin with talking through any issues that the individual wishes to discuss – though there need not be a specific focus. The individual is then encouraged to connect with their Higher Self and we travel together to the astral platform where the work takes place, held and supported by a number of higher beings. As well as being a talking therapy, different healing frequencies are channelled throughout the session, thus augmenting the healing process. A session concludes with grounding and integration.

As with traditional psychotherapy, the sessions are steered by whatever is coming up for the individual, however may also incorporate a number of other techniques, or core focus areas, all carried out within the sacred space, such as:

Helping individuals connect to their guides / spiritual light teams (any combination of angels, masters, spirit guides, power animals, star beings, etc); chord cutting from negative emotional states, scripts or unhealthy patterns as well as limiting relationships; journeying to the root of an issue in order to effect change; past life work; soul retrieval; working with symbols and more.

It can also include advice on developing personal spiritual practices, self-healing techniques and nature connection practices for ongoing healing and transformation.

Some sessions may be more focused on talking and others on energy practices as required, with each session simultaneously working on all levels of a person’s being: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

Training and specialities
I carried out 5 years of training in Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in London. The word integrative means that I can draw upon multiple modalities in order to best suit the individual’s needs – from psychodynamic, to humanistic, to existential – whilst setting this all within the transpersonal framework which views the individual’s development against the backdrop of their spiritual unfolding. Beyond that, I have also carried out extensive trainings in Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Healing and other energy healing practices (such as working with Ascended Masters, Archangels and Arcturians). I am further influenced by work with my own spiritual guides, Vedantic/Hindu philosophy and time spent connecting with nature and with sacred sites in the natural world doing deep inner work.

I have worked in a broad range of areas including addiction, depression, trauma, homelessness and overcoming life challenges, but specialise in working with those on the spiritual path seeking to develop or deepen their connection, unlocking creativity, self-empowerment and finding one’s unique purpose in life. I am also increasingly helping individuals to adapt to the changing times by finding practices that help them maintain their sense of calm and inner balance no matter what is going on around them, and to hone in on what world changes may be calling on them to develop within themselves.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their code of conduct.

Where I work 

The work is carried out in the astral plane so is equally as effective online as it is in person. At the moment, I am primarily offering sessions online via Skype or Zoom. It can be weekly therapy, checking in when needed for guidance, or meeting for a specific issue. 

I usually suggest an initial free phone conversation of up to half an hour to determine the best way forward and can be reached in the first instance via email at

There are no prerequisites to take part, though experience of meditation, visualisation and other spiritual practices is helpful as it can involve a lot of time spent in the inner world.

Group work
In addition to one-to-one sessions, I also hold a regular group Stone Circle Virtual Healing Circle (Online), as well as face-to-face gatherings at sacred sites in the natural world. Please check the workshops page for details of any upcoming events or sign up to my e-newsletter or Instagram and Facebook pages below.

Stone Circle Healing Frequencies
It is my experience that each circle transmits different healing frequencies, so I am also offering a series of meditations in which I transmit the frequencies/codes of the specific circle as presented to me. These are available to view on my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages and will build over time. Whilst each circle transmits a different frequency, the astral platform where the therapy work takes place incorporates all of the frequencies combined. Since January 2021, the energies of over 150 stone circles across the UK and Ireland have been added.

See example below:

How is it different from traditional psychotherapy?
Traditional psychotherapy places a lot of emphasis on the relationship between the therapist and the individual as the means of healing, and whilst the relationship is a core component in any healing work, it can cause a strong attachment to the person of the therapist. Stone Circle Psycho-Healing-Therapy seeks instead to attune individuals to the Divine Light within as the antidote to the wound of separation, and to their own inner guides, and could therefore be said to be a more self-empowering type of therapy. The energy practices carried out alongside the talking can also help individuals access the essence of the issue and work on transmuting matter more quickly. The transmission of healing frequencies can also assist individuals in raising their vibration, thus supporting them through the planetary ascension process that is underway. The connection to the sacred natural sites further, even in astral format, aims to encourage a deeper connection to the natural world and to instigate more harmonious ways of living.

The Self cannot be pierced or burned, made wet or dry. It is everlasting and infinite, standing on the motionless foundations of eternity.

The Bhagavad Gita (2.23)