My novels, to date, are aimed at the 8+ age range, and incorporate elements of adventure, fantasy, morality and spirituality. They are based on real spiritual and psychological concepts – transmuted in to the format of fiction for children – and aim to inspire children and adults alike to believe in themselves and to make a positive difference in the world.

Over the last few years, I have been continuing to write books behind the scenes, spanning fiction for children/young adults, non-fiction for adults and channelled material on a variety of different topics. Each book has taken me through a process of inner growth and I have been more focused on that, than getting these works out in to the world. I hope to address that soon and am in the process of editing my latest non-fiction book.

The common theme throughout all of my writing is the marrying of core psychological and spiritual concepts, as well as a love of the natural world. 

The books so far

The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery cover

Thomas, on the surface, had a pretty traditional upbringing… But there was something about him – from the very beginning – that was different. You could see it in his eyes. He knew things that others did not know. And so when Thomas started receiving messages in his dreams and visions that he was from an altogether different place, Thomas knew that it was not make-believe. He let the messages unfold until he had assembled all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. And from there, he was free to start living the life he was born to live. Illustrated by Pauline Callais.

Available online through Amazon (print and e-book), Foyles and Waterstones, in-store at Watkins Books, London and Gothic Image, Glastonbury, and through UK wholesaler, Bertrams.

The Pixikins

The Pixikins front cover

There are worlds upon worlds upon worlds, all superimposed on top of one another, existing at one and the same time. The pixikins travel between them by means of a protective bubble. Tala slips on a banana skin, and into the realm of the pixikins. Everything is exactly the same and yet completely different to what she knew before, for Tala can see things as the pixikins see them. Join Tala as she travels through the different layers of the universe – accompanied by a pixikin – on a quest to seek and spread the truth. Illustrated by Pauline Callais.

Available online through Amazon (print and e-book), Foyles and Waterstones, in-store at Watkins Books, London and Gothic Image, Glastonbury, and through UK wholesalers, Bertrams and Gardners.

I am David the Snake


David, the poisonous adder, is the black sheep of his family. He is always in trouble, picking fights, doing all the things that he is not supposed to do. But beneath this fierce façade, lurks an insecure little snake. Insignificant, small and terribly alone.

At the depths of his despair, he sets out on a journey – a journey of self-discovery, if you will – and he learns that life is a wonderful gift, but first of all, you must find out who you are…

E-book available through Amazon.


The Healing Power of the Stone Circle: this piece of writing first featured in Kindred Spirit Nov/Dec 21 Issue. It is also available to read in full on my blog.