I offer a variety of different workshops and retreats both face-to-face and online. Examples include Stone Circle Virtual Healing Circles, Kundalini Yoga workshops, Guided Journeys, and other healing practices, as well as full day/weekend workshops based around core psychological themes. I also run events at sacred sites in the natural world – mainly in the Cornwall and Dartmoor regions – and UK-based and overseas retreats. My workshops combine both theory and practice and are underpinned by my psychotherapy training which enables me to provide a holding space. 

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Upcoming workshops and retreats:

Stone Circle Virtual Healing Circle (online)
Becoming a Divine Vessel
Wednesday 10 November 2021 from 7-8.30pm
Where: Online via Zoom
How much: £13

In this workshop we will explore the theme of becoming a Divine Vessel, of opening ourselves up to something much vaster than what the limited mind thinks it is, so that we may free ourselves from our blocks, our limitations, our selfishness, and move forward in alignment with Divine decree, with what we came here – both individually and collectively – to do. Specifically, we will connect with the energies of a trio of powerful stone circles in and around the Preseli Mountains region of South West Wales – hypothesised as having been the inspiration for and source of stones for Stonehenge. We will receive a series of codes as presented by different beings of light – from the Himalayan Masters to the Star Beings – including dissolution of the ego, freeing us from unhealthy mental constructs that hold us back, faith, and fearlessness, thereby giving us the courage and drive to carry out our path. We will further receive codes to enhance our direct connection to these beings to individually guide us forwards. It is recommended that individuals have a quartz crystal or natural stone with them to enhance the connection to these earth energies and anchor the practices.

This is a monthly healing circle in which we come together virtually to bathe in the healing frequencies of the stone circle for personal and collective healing. Together we journey to an astral platform imbibed with the healing energy of multiple sacred sites in the natural world with the overall aim of transmuting lower energies and aligning people with their higher trajectories, in service of the whole. Sessions take the form of a guided journey steered by the higher beings of light as well as a number of energetic practices. Each month has a different theme.

To book, please make your payment through my Paypal link (or via bank transfer if preferred) and follow up with a confirmation email to I will respond with a Zoom link and password. 

The following session will run on Wednesday 8 December from 7-830pm. Details to follow soon.

Healing the rejection wound (online)
A pathway to wholeness with Kundalini Yoga, energy healing practices and an exploration of our connection to nature

When: Saturday 27th November from 10am-5pm
Where: Online from the comfort of your home via Zoom
How much: £65 (with some concessions available)

Have you ever felt yourself to be not good enough to go for your dreams, unwanted, disregarded or substandard in any way, or at the mercy of other people’s opinions of you?

In this workshop we seek to dispel the rejection myth, to see it for the fallacy that it is, that one part of the whole can be less than another or less than enough.

Specifically, we will work the root chakra – the seat of our security – with a Kundalini Yoga and meditation set, and then go on a journey to an astral platform imbibed with the healing energy of multiple sacred sites in the natural world to cut away from old destructive patterns that hold us back – be they individual, collective or ancestral – and seek to become established in the truth of who we are – our Divine selves.

We will further explore the theme of connection to nature as a pathway back to wholeness – helping us to resolve the splits within, both individually and within society at large. The more whole we become, the more likely we are to take our place in the world, in service of the whole, and to make a positive difference in the world.

Please get in touch to find out more and book your place at or 07980 042 319.