I offer a variety of different workshops and retreats both face-to-face and online. Examples include Stone Circle Virtual Healing Circles, Kundalini Yoga workshops, Guided Journeys, and other healing practices, as well as full day/weekend workshops based around core psychological themes. I also run events at sacred sites in the natural world – mainly in the Cornwall and Dartmoor regions – and UK-based and overseas retreats. My workshops combine both theory and practice and are underpinned by my psychotherapy training which enables me to provide a holding space. 

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Upcoming workshops and retreats:

Stone Circle Virtual Healing Circle (Online)
Spring Awakening – Becoming All Of Who We Are
Wednesday 23 March 2022 from 7-8.30pm
Where: Online via Zoom
Investment: £13 (or £9 concession)

As human beings, for the most part, we are only tapping in to or using a small fraction of our capabilities. Why is this? What is it that causes us to be lesser versions of ourselves? 

In this workshop, we will explore some of the reasons that cause us to hold back from being all of who we are – be they personal, familial or societal. We will then journey to an astral platform imbibed with the healing energy of multiple stone circles across the UK to gain personal insight in to our own patterns and carry out energy practices to help release us from their grip. 

We will, further, call upon the energy of the Merrivale Stone Circle in Dartmoor, that sits within a complex of multiple other sites, to receive codes of awakening presented by the Arcturians and receive additional healing from them. 

We will conclude with ways in which we can integrate and anchor our spiritual experiences opening us up to our highest path of service. When we become all of who we are, we become more fulfilled, more conscious of the impact of our actions and better able to serve the whole of which we are part.

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This is a regular healing circle in which we come together virtually to bathe in the healing frequencies of the stone circle for personal and collective healing. Together we journey to an astral platform imbibed with the healing energy of multiple sacred sites in the natural world with the overall aim of transmuting lower energies and aligning people with their higher paths, in service of the whole. Sessions take the form of a guided journey steered by the higher beings of light as well as a number of energetic practices. Each session has a different theme.

Night-Time Trauma Healing Circle (In Person) – women only, Dartmoor
This is an all-night healing circle out in the wild in Dartmoor – with Kundalini Yoga at dawn
When: Saturday 9 July at 5pm – Sunday 10 July at 10am 2022
Where: We will meet in a Dartmoor car park at 5pm and walk together to the site
Investment: £79

We will come together in sacred circle to do deep healing work over night within a stone circle. There will be an opening session, followed by a series of nine healing rounds carried out throughout the night with short breaks in between each one. Each round will have a different theme all focused on the healing of trauma and restoring any power taken at this time. The final round will close at 5am with an optional Kundalini Yoga and meditation set to integrate the night and warm our bodies. Participants who do not wish to take part in the yoga can stay in the space and rest. We will then have space for breakfast and sharing of experiences. We will be finished by 10am but it is recommended that individuals spend time resting afterwards in a secluded place in nature before journeying onward.

Practicalities: Please note that we will be awake all night and out in the elements (with potentially unpredictable weather) so individuals will need to be well rested and well prepared with warm clothes (including waterproofs and bivvy bag or equivalent), blankets and something to sit on. We will fast during the night, but please bring food for breakfast and further snacks for yourself for the day of departure.

This event ran as a small pilot last year. I have also done a number of healing nights in this location on my own over the last few years and will be holding space in collaboration with the guides connected to the space. Please get in touch with any questions and to sign up: I am offering a free initial phone conversation with each participant to see it feels right for you at this time.

Finding Your Place (In Person)
A weekend healing retreat out in the wild on Dartmoor
When: 11am on Saturday 16th July to 3pm on Sunday 17th July 2022
Where: Meeting at Fernworthy Reservoir car park, Dartmoor 
Investment: £150

What is home? Much more than a physical place, it is a place inside, being comfortable in our skin and able to walk our path – which is unique to all and yet intricately linked with the whole of which we are part.

In this 2-day retreat in Dartmoor, we will journey deeply in to the theme of finding our place. We will walk the vast open landscape, connecting with the land to bring us back to our centre and find our sense of purpose; we will receive four healing attunements led by different beings of light in a variety of stone circles – each unlocking a different piece of the puzzle, from developing our inner strength, to surrendering to a higher power, to unlocking the keys to the fulfilment of our potential and opening our heart to follow our innermost callings. Finally, we will have time for saying our prayers by an ancient riverside healing stone, before anchoring our intentions at a Tor – stepping more actively in to our place of inner power. There will also be sunset healing meditation and (optional) sunrise Kundalini Yoga and meditation practice. There will be space to integrate and share our experiences throughout.

Depending on weather conditions, we have the option of either sleeping out wild beneath the stars within a stone circle or wild camping in small tents nearby. 

Please note there will be a walk between each location of up to one hour, so good walking boots are recommended, as well as additional warm and waterproof layers in case of variable weather, something waterproof to sit/lie on during the healings and the necessary sleeping/camping gear (ie, small tent, mat and sleeping bag). You will also need to bring your own food. It will not be necessary to carry everything all day as we will be driving to a new location at the end of the day on the Saturday evening.

Please get in touch with any questions and to sign up: