Circle of stones

Juliet’s workshops are an opportunity for her to bring all her trainings together, thereby offering a unique flavour to her work. She currently offers workshops in Berkshire and London and is planning a winter retreat to Kerala, India from 8-18 December 2019. Check back here for further details, or contact Juliet to register your interest.

Upcoming workshops:

Stepping in to your personal power
An afternoon workshop of Kundalini Yoga and meditation at The Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival

Are you striving for happiness, but looking in all the wrong places, or always seeking more, yet never reaching a place of inner fulfilment?

In this workshop, we turn our attention away from the external to the internal world, from material to soul values, so that we are no longer seeking our power or validation from an outside source, but find our answers and unique pathway forward within. With Kundalini Yoga, we will balance our chakras and strengthen our core, so we can activate our spiritual power and stand tall in who we are – elevating others as we go.

When? Thursday 30 May 2019, 3-5.30pm
The Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival, Academy St. Albans, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Hertfordshire AL2 1AF

Find out more about the festival and book your place.

Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic Moon Workshops
Harnessing the power of the full moon for personal growth

Following the cycle of an ancient Native British Lunar Calendar* that maps the natural cycles occurring in nature to our inner transformation process, we will use Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic Journeying to harness the power of the full moon for personal growth. Each workshop is underpinned by psychological theory and integration practices, and can be taken individually or as a series for those that wish to journey deeper inside.

Moon image cropDATES:                 Workshops take place over a series of Saturdays from 10am-5.30pm
15 June 2019:     Sharpen your intuition with the Lightning Moon
13 July 2019:      Cultivate an attitude of abundance with the Harvest Moon
17 August 2019: Awaken your inner warrior with the Hunter’s Moon
With further dates to follow…

VENUE: The Shed, Wasing Park, Aldermaston, RG7 4NB
Set within the beautiful grounds of Wasing Estate in the heart of Berkshire – close to Reading and Newbury and an hour away from London.

COST: £85 per workshop or £75 per workshop for multiple bookings
– with a 50% deposit required to secure your place.

Download flyer here and contact Juliet on or 07980 042 319 to book your place and find out more.

*Lunar Calendar of Dusty Miller, provided courtesy of Jay and Kestrel Oakwood at The Bridget Healing Centre, Glastonbury.

Previous workshops:

From Loneliness To Connection: The Journey Home
A weekend workshop of Kundalini Yoga and Shamanic practices to temper existential isolation

Has your life been plagued by addictions or seeking some form of external fulfilment? Have you ever found yourself surrounded by people, and yet unable to shake the feeling of loneliness inside?

This experiential workshop is based on the premise that loneliness and connection are two sides of the same coin. The extent to which you can go in to one you can go in to the other.

Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation and Shamanic Journeying and alchemical healing sounds, we will delve deeply in to our loneliness in order to find that place of connection within – an experience of our true nature. And from there, we will explore how we can use our connection to live our lives in a way that is more aligned with our inner values.

When?  24th & 25th November 2018, 10-5pm
Where?  CCPE, Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent, London W2 6NE

This workshop formed part of Juliet’s final year Diploma training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

Stop running after the objects in the world and turn inward. There you will find what you are looking for. You are both the seeker and the sought. You are searching for something that you already have. It cannot be found outside.