The Healing Power of the Stone Circle

This is a channelled piece of writing on the Healing Power of the Stone Circle.

The stone circle is a representation of our unity with all levels of the cosmos, our oneness with the all. When we sit within therefore, something of a memory of this oneness from which so many are cut from is restored. The energy and power of these ancient circles is as strong today as ever. It just requires a reverence for and a connecting in to, to reach its full capacity. So those that wander in and out of the circle, seemingly unaware, are still impacted, but those that do the work and sit inside are fully activated by the healing vibes contained therein, which go way beyond the physical, and cross the realms, and are guarded by legions of light beings, here to assist in the awakening of the human race.

And just as sitting within the circle, meditating within the circle, and lying flat on the ground within the circle restores something of one’s true nature to them, so too does it restore something of the true purpose of these ancient sites for them. For when they are forgotten and misused, their power abates, or rather, lays dormant, but when they are actively engaged with in respectful and harmonious ways, they wake back up. And thus, it is a two-way street, as is all of life, of giving and receiving, and mutual respect, creating the highest outcome for the whole of which one is part.

These sites are there for a reason and the disconnect from them is merely a by-product of the age of materialism, which is fast coming to a close. So now is the time to reengage in any and all practices that restore the balance, both within the individual, and within the whole. For each step the individual takes in that direction is a step for the whole of mankind who are inextricably linked through all of time and collectively walk towards the Godhead, the remembrance of their oneness, and union with the all.

No qualifications are required to silently sit and be and feel and absorb the healing power of these sites, but they must be treated with respect and awe, and attended to with care. They are not a playground for people, or a product off a shelf, taken in order to temporarily feel better, but a place to come in to balance and peace and harmony within oneself. And the more people that cultivate these inner qualities, the more they will ripple out and touch the masses. For the awakening of one always contributes to the awakening of the other and the all. This is the law of life.

So next time you pass a stone circle: stop, sit a while, and be. Call on the Guardians of the space and state your intention, to both heal and be healed. For as one clears out and works through one’s own wounds, it becomes possible to facilitate this process for others, and so it goes ad infinitum. Sit for as long as you feel called to sit, and let the magic unfold. And the more time spent acclimatising to the frequency of wholeness, the better equipped one is to walk their true path, as decreed by the Divine, and take their place – unique to each – on this strange and challenging and tumultuous, yet also beautiful place they call earth.

As people reconnect to their inner beauty, they contribute to the remembrance of and restoration of the outer beauty, which is apparent in nature all around them. And thus loving and serving and respecting the earth – the Mother – becomes a natural way of being, the only way to be. This is the wish of all the Higher Beings and forces of light in all dimensions: for each one to take their place and live in harmony with the other and with all elements of the cosmos of which they are part.

Ceremonial practices augment and amplify the intention, but are not a requirement. The simple intent is enough to connect and be, and share in the great mystery that is the circle of life. None more qualified than the other, for all exist as equal parts, unique and yet united, as one.

This article first featured in Kindred Spirit Magazine, Nov/Dec 21 Issue.