The Sun Speaks

A channelled message from the sun.

Know that everything is contained within, that nothing exists outside of yourself, and thus know that my energy too is contained within. It does not matter whether you can physically see me or feel me. My spirit is within you always, kindling that inner fire, just as all the elements and all aspects of the cosmos and all beings are so too within. For it is from the infinite consciousness that you come and to the infinite consciousness that you shall return. So there is little point bemoaning any illusory losses, or indeed applauding any illusory gains, for everything is contained within and is unshakeable.

To connect with my energy, just visualise me above the crown of your head and draw me down in to your body, infusing you with spiritual life force and power, to do whatever it is you came to this earth to do. For this is different for each, and thus each one must walk their own path, find their own path, for to follow someone else’s path is to be living a half-life and a lie. Thus let my energy infuse you with the spiritual force required to take whatever action you are personally guided to take for the betterment of your own life and for that of the whole, for the two are inextricably linked and cannot be seen as separate.

This is the tragedy of the human race and the cause of all suffering: the one trying to assert their illusory power over the other, rather than living in tandem with the whole and seeing each one as an extension of their own being, and thus living in harmonious ways. And this extends to other people – yes – but much further beyond, to all aspects of the cosmos, to Mother Nature Herself. Thus do not hurt Mother Nature, if not for Her, than for yourself. For to hurt her impacts you as it impacts her, and to work in tandem with her is the way to restore both harmony within and harmony without.

It is a foolproof situation and so obvious, yet not instantly adopted by many or even the few. This is where the tides must change and are changing, so take your part and find your place. Let the spirit of my light and heat burn away any resistances and insecurities to opening yourself fully up to spirit and the rightful path for you individually to take. For this is how your light will shine and touch upon and spark so many other lights to do the same: each unique and yet each a part of the whole. So find your place and find your way to express it, not with pride or with fear, but with equanimity and with self-belief of the type that comes from knowing that the essence is contained within.

Sending out a blessing of love and warmth to brighten your day and your life and the lives of those that you touch upon day by day, and for a remembrance and ever-increasing awareness of the unity within, for this is the path to freedom.

My words have been spoken and our connection sealed. Now go in peace and harmony and let my light help you infuse others with light as you go. For my light is one and the same as your light and we can never be apart. Amen.