On Freedom… From the Holy Mountain of Arunachala, India

Freedom is the moment of arrival at the goal you have been seeking all your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is the goal to which all human beings aspire. It can be sudden, like the click of the fingers, or painfully evolve little by little, as the human part of you clings in fear. And this is the only cause of trouble: the human part – the part that thinks it is separate striving for name, glory or fame, hankering after the perfect partner, home, job, when all of this can be snatched away in an instant, leaving the human convulsing in pain. This is when the moment is ripe to start the journey – the journey back to the One. But it can come with hardship of the type that most are not inclined to put themselves through, because it means loss not gain, and the human is taught to seek gain by the society that wishes to grow and support itself above the other, elbowing their neighbours out, so they can have the biggest piece of the pie. Who thought up this foolish game? If everything is God, and all are interconnected parts of the whole, why such ignorance, whither must we suffer so? The answer is the pathway back to the One. For we start to seek, and the further we go, the more we lose, till we find it is just ourself, standing alone, unchained, unbound and free… Amen. 

The Lotus Flower Speaks…

The Lotus Flower Speaks… I speak of growth and renewal, and complete transformation from one state to another, from dense earthly issues to purified states of consciousness, in which one recognises themselves as a part of the one, and so too each one. And this involves the deep dive in, in to the murky waters of existence, till one penetrates the truth and emerges victorious out of their own depths in to the shimmering light of the one, shining their effulgent light out on to all on their path, no longer caught up in and tainted by the chaos of illusion that surrounds the human race, but free and standing apart from and seeing things from a new all-encompassing perspective. And I am born again and again to symbolise the transient nature of life, with each one incarnating again and again, donning a new vessel, till the work is truly done, and one has gleaned the final message and is free: a Jivanmukta – liberated whilst living, only needing to return again if the Gods so will it to help release the human race from their suffering and the quagmire of delusion, else shining free as the one all-encompassing whole.

Thus, let my beauty be a symbol, an emblem, of the path of growth to which all can aspire, and to which all feel the pull, to varying degrees, consciously or unconsciously, the pull to be free, at peace and at one with the all, resting comfortably in their skin, yet so too not identified with it. For they have moved beyond the limiting confines of the illusion and know themselves to be one with the all-embracing whole, nurtured from within and emitting light from within and in eternal contact with the one who moves the all. Know that the work is already done, the truth already contained within, only waiting to shine forth when the human is ready to let go of their false identifications and take their place as one with Me – the ever-shining light of truth. This is the journey from dark to light and the only true journey that there is to take in life. For it alone will take you to the eternal: the One God who exists in and sustains the all, Amen.

We Are All The Same…

We are all the same… What does it mean, when I don’t look like you, talk like you, think like you; when I was born in a different culture and country and have totally different aspirations, different levels of privilege or other, riches or poverty? How thus can we all be said to be the same and the world be said to be a fair place? But the answer lies in going inside. For all of the above are merely the outer differences that keep me separate from you and while I remain separate from you, I remain separate from the One, the Infinite, the Father, the Mother, the Whole. Thus, what is being asked of us all right now is to drop these facades and journey in to the depth of our beings. For it is there and there alone that lies our pathway back to the whole.

Look at the stones within my circle, see how they are all different shapes and sizes, yet see too how without even one the circle would not be complete. For we all together comprise the whole, and thus each thought, word and action cannot but reverberate in to the whole. Keep your thoughts in check, therefore, for as you judge the one, you judge the all, and you judge yourself, and the release of such judgment and the seeing and treating of the other as a part of you is the pathway to being seen and treated as you would wish to be treated, as the mission spirals outward and more and more souls wake up. So too, it spells the dissolution of the illusory lines of separation in which you step out of the matrix and find your freedom.

And the pathway: love – love for the One, the Father, the Mother, the Earth; Knowledge – Self-enquiry – rather than seeking to understand others, seek to understand yourself; and service – serving the One true God in everything that you do, and that means the God in me and the God in you too. Righteous action, Dharma, faith, Self-belief, love, compassion – let these qualities which are innate within each one, little by little ooze out from your being till they take over and expunge the darkness within and make all your actions pure, like the Holy Ones that walked before you. This is the pathway to redemption for the one and for the all and so too the pathway to being enveloped at last in the arms of the One and the all, no longer a separate part, but whole and free and liberated whilst living.

Go with a blessing of peace and faith that the final leap is closer to hand than you once realised. Close your eyes, put your faith in God and trust Him to do the rest. For He suctions like a magnet all His children back in to His arms. They just need to show willing to put their eyes on the eternal, not the ephemeral and the One becomes the all and you are home, abiding in a state of eternal peace and bliss, no matter the outer charade. The journey has already begun and it does not stop until you reach the goal: the final moment of union, the merger of all the separate parts within and without, inside, and from thence the illusion falls and you are free, liberated. This is Moksha and this is the purpose of the human birth. Know that the work is already done. You are home, you just do not quite know that you are home. Open your eyes and see the truth that is glaring before them, of the Me in you and the you in Me, the One in the All and the All in the One, Amen.

NB. Photo: Samhain Rainbow over Scorhill Stone Circle, Dartmoor.

Twilight Speaks…

Twilight speaks… The distance between night and day, dark and light, and all illusory opposites, the moment of truth where it is possible to penetrate the illusion, break out of the cycle of suffering and find your freedom, established in the centre. This is why it is recommended to meditate at this time. For the veils between the worlds, the world of matter and spirit, are thinner, and one can more easily access new levels of awareness. And as in nature, the shift from dark to light, so too in the human, and the world at large, again and again, from age to age. The only way to break free thus being to step outside and see things with a new pair of eyes, see it for the Divine Lila that it is, and in so doing become free from the bonds that tie you down. 

Thus seize this moment, for yourself and for the whole. For the quicker you awaken, the quicker the experience will shift for the whole. Do not fear the dark, for the stars shine brightly within it, never tainted one iota by it, in fact shining more brightly because of it. Instead go in to your own darkness, till you find too the penetrative light within, the all-encompassing light of the One, exploding in to your being, and lifting you once and for all out of despair, out of suffering, and in to the state of the eternal, the unchangeable, everlasting bliss that you are. The opportunities are many, yet those who take the leap, few, through fear of their own darkness – projected out. Thus, be one of the few to transmute inside, all the way, till there is nothing left to transmute and the Magnum Opus is complete: a Divine Human born, Amen.

Photo: sunset at Ballynoe Stone Circle, Northern Ireland.

On Becoming Whole: A Solstice Message

Recognise the effulgence of your being, the God light, the light of the Divine within, and with this, you are equipped to face all of life’s challenges: the highs, the lows, the good times, the bad times, and remain in the centre. For everything is a passing phase: the only guarantee, change. Thus to find the impenetrable within you is to find your balance and is the pathway to carry you through the changing times. And to do so requires the deep dive in, not the outward seeking. For everything around you will come and go. Connect to the Masters, the Holy Ones, the Sacred Sites – all of these things will steer you till the realisation at last dawns that it is a mirror of your own light. And this spells completion. For it is a recognition of the wholeness within – the immanence of Divinity – and the pathway to both your own freedom and the leading of other souls to theirs. Thus, no effort is in vain. Meritorious action always reaps positive results on the long and sometimes lonely journey till you reach your goal and the spark of the Divine ignites your being, infusing every cell and bathing you in the light of the Divine: your natural state.

From thence, your struggles are over – no matter what unfolds in the outer. For the light comes from within and is a constant source, not dependent on other. Thus seek this light. And to those who seek this very day – the Summer Solstice – the sun in the sky can lift and elevate. For the portals are open, ready to flood you with source light, which is one and the same as the light which ignites all things. Your light shines bright, Dear One, obscure it not with the mundanities of life. Instead remember it in every waking moment till the full realisation dawns and the small self is subsumed in the transcendental Self and you are free. The pain is merely in letting go of that which is false within you. So make haste, Dear One. Shed those tears, those outdated scripts and be – the one you always were and are: free, released from bondage, aligned with truth, back home – even whilst in the human body, aware and fully conscious of the Me in you and the you in Me, Amen.

Photo: At Kealkill Stone Circle, Ireland

The Snake Speaks…

I speak of human transformation and potential, from one state to another, a shedding of skin, a discarding of everything that has had its day and a birthing to the new. For it is only in discarding completely that which is false, corrupt, haggard and spent that the new can come through. Else it is just a re-patching up, re-formulating old, tired formulas. Thus do not be afraid to let go of that which you are called to let go of – out dated ways of thinking or being in the world. For it is these that keep you trapped. Take yourself through the initial discomfort of letting them go so that you can slither free in to a new awakening, a new way of being that is more suited to all that you can become. And watch us, how we do it again and again, never looking back, only forward to the new, the pure, the true.

And do not fear us, for we – like you – have a place in keeping the system of the whole ticking over and operating the way that the Lord intended. For we are all God’s creatures no matter the form, each with a different function to perform. Thus find your function and let others carry out theirs and see if there can be acceptance of all. For though we may be poisonous and have a sting, we rarely have occasion to make use of our venom. We use it only as a final resort for self-preservation, when our ways are disrupted and we react in fear – much like the human. Thus, taunt us not and we shall not taunt you, and take courage on the path that everything has its place, all cycles pass. For they are just that: a cycle. The human birth and death is just one such cycle leading on to another form, whilst the essence, the truth of all beings remains no matter the form. For the truth of your being cannot be corrupted or broken down.

Thus, as you engage with worldly affairs, take care to keep only one foot in this world, not to be too bogged down and all consumed by it. For you miss the point of life which is to come in to communion with the hidden, more expansive, all-encompassing Self. Do not fear change or resist it either. Instead take courage and rise up and be part of that change in whatsoever way you are called. And do not be afraid to stand for your ideals, even if this is not what you see around you. Do not unduly disturb or try to stamp out others, for this is when their venom stings you. Instead go your own way and show by example that which you wish to see and birth. For you are not a passive bystander, but one complete part of this whole. This is the message I bring. It is only in following your path and finding out who you truly are that you will be free and a world full of more Self-Realised souls is a world that speaks of harmony and balance and acceptance of other. It cannot come from outside. It has to come from inside. Thus, go with faith and enjoy the ride to the birthing of the new you that is fearless in your pursuit of truth and will stop at nothing till the final birthing of the new dawn in which you realise that everything you need – everything you are seeking – is already contained within. Amen.

At Bellever Forest, Dartmoor…

The Moss Fairies Speak… At Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

We are happy to have made your acquaintance. For it is rare that a human takes the time to sit and listen to what we have to say. For the human somehow thinks that they own the place and live their lives quite oblivious to the multiple spirit forces around them existing at one and the same time and in one and the same place – at least the unawake ones. The ones who have woken up and are awakening are much more likely to stop awhile sensing the presence of us even if they cannot quite name what it is. But we are not hidden and shrouded in secrecy – no. We are willing to show ourselves to all who share our mission of cleansing the Earth, our beautiful Mother, and contributing to the restoration of balance from the chaos that has been wreaked. Thus, work with us as collaborators and see what magic can unfold, even in the most destructive of environments. For a positive thought and a positive intent can move mountains, particularly when this mission spirals outwards.

And look within this sacred landscape to see, verily, that magic can and will survive. For there continue to exist little pockets of it here and there against all the odds which is evidence that such places of beauty can withstand the pressures of the time. And we work in abundance here, collaborating with each other to ensure the longevity of our environment. Thus take a leaf out of our book and work with each other, not against each other, no matter the creed or caste. For we were all placed here on this earth at the same time and in the same place to accelerate the shift from the age of darkness and destruction to one of light and beauty. Thus connect to the beautiful spaces to remember your own beauty which is one and the same as the beauty which exists in all things and help us draw it out of even the most destructive of persons. For it is disconnection from source that causes people to treat others in negative ways – including the environment. So rather than blaming and shaming let us see what we can do to enhance and foster and spread more widely our own connection to source that more and more can be inspired and wake up and realise the dream of this sacred Earth project.

And if your will should falter, remember that beneath it all we are all whole and one and of the same infinite source and nothing can diminish the truth of our being. Blessings to you and to all for a magic inspired life of freedom and connection and spreading beauty far and wide. This is the only mission that counts now for the rest are temporary and will fall. Find the truth and spread the truth and we will support a thousandfold anyone who shares our mission as will all the Higher Beings of Light who each exist as fractals of the same consciousness, only with more elevated levels of awareness, in order to guide the human being towards obtaining their true state and contributing to the mass awakening of the planet. The fairies, the humans, the beast – in truth there is no division, so let us together make whole the pieces that have been splayed apart contributing in our own way to the restoration of the great whole that holds us and the realisation of the even greater whole beyond in which everything is pure light – our natural state, Amen.

Spring Speaks… A Message of Love…

Be still a while and breathe in to and acclimatise to my energy, for my energy is one of love and I emit this to all, no matter their creed or caste. For all are equal aspects of creation from the worm to the human to the budding flower, spreading its joy and light and beauty in the world. And thus my message is one of love: for each one to love their neighbour, no matter what, and to speak kindly to one another, no matter what, and to wish the best – the highest good – for everybody, no matter what. For wishing for the highest good absolves you – the small you – of responsibility, for you do not have the full picture in mind.

And Spring is a time to sow new seeds, so let those seeds be seeds of love, of how you can spread a little light, no matter what you see around you. For there is always a choice. Thus, listen to your heart, not your fear and speak and act from the deepest place within you that is the golden elixir which exists in and unites all things. Know that light cannot be extinguished, it can only be obscured, thus shine your light so bright that it keeps the flame of love and harmony and peace alive no matter what unfolds around you. For God is love and you are love and nothing can diminish this truth.

Be at peace within your heart and know that nothing can take from the whole. The cycle of light and dark turns again and again within the individual and within the planet at large until the consciousness level is such that it lifts to a new perspective. Thus let my energy warm your soul and play a part in lifting your perspective, so that little by little the perspective of the whole can shift. Breathe in to my energy, delight in my beauty, and let this invigorate and carry you through the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful – centred and at peace. For at bottom you are whole and your soul flies free. This is the message I bring and the blessing I bestow, Amen.

Shiva Speaks…

Maha Shivaratri – The Great Festival Of Shiva: not a time for squandering in idle pursuit, but a time to journey deeply inward, chanting, praying, fasting, meditating, honouring the sacredness of life. For in so doing, you will connect to the essence of your being, your light, your truth, and from thence be able to shine these qualities upon the world. And this is what the world needs most right now – for people to do the work, the inner work, of purification and becoming all that they can be, so that they can better serve the whole of which they are part. For it is only in taking a unified approach that there is any chance of salvation.

So take the time – my time – to celebrate life, for the beauty of life lies in one’s spiritual connection. For it is this that enables one to rise above the illusory opposites of pleasure and pain and find one’s freedom, established in the centre, and it is in this pure state that one can create the bright new world that we all know is possible.

Thus, be with me, say your prayers, for yourself, yes, but so too for the whole of humankind, and know that my blessings will be bestowed upon all who do the work with positive intent – for no effort is in vain, and my boons too from material advancement, where this is required for one to effectively carry out their path of service, to releasing blocks, to ultimate enlightenment, freedom, Moksha, for those who are brave enough to keep going all the way to the final destination. Thus, start now, wherever you are, and together we will shift the experience of the whole.

Go in love and peace and with my infinite blessings this sacred Holy day, Amen.

The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self is the opposite of the conditioned self, from all the things that the average human being tells themselves about themselves, which is based on fabrication, illusion, delusion – all the things we have been told that we are or led to believe that we are from the moment we are born by our families, our friends, our foes, society, our so-called educators. But what do they know about the deepest recesses of our being, verily? How many of them have journeyed deeply in to their core and found the source of their well-being and so no longer project their pains out to anyone who is willing to take them on as their own? And thus why do we let the other dictate to us who we are? This is the gross fallacy of the education system which breeds clones climbing illusory ladders of success by usurping the other, competition, rising in personal glory, rather than seeing the other as a part of themselves, as they are. And in this way, even altruistic action is still coming from a stance of separation. 

And thus the goal is to journey deeply in, strip away the multifaceted and deeply penetrating layers of conditioning till one is left bare to the bone, often battered and bruised by the seeming hardship suffered in getting to this point, for it comes with much loss. But the gain far outweighs the loss, for one finds one’s freedom. For it is only from a point of zero that one can start to authentically build, making and creating their unique expression in this world which is born of the spirit that unites all things, and thus takes all aspects of the creation in to consideration. Thus, rather than striving to make your mark, strive to become free and untainted by the corruption you see around you, and in so doing a pure vessel to do the work ordained by the one, the infinite, the pure, undivided consciousness, which cannot be corrupted and stands true for all of time.

Find your own light and then help other people to do the same. This is essentially the only rule of life – perfectly simple, and yet seemingly so hard to follow. Let this fallacy too fall away and be who you are, all of who you are, and let others be the same. For each is unique, born perfect in themselves, and each has their own unique part to play in the playground of life in which collectively we evolve to the point of completion: the moment of realisation of our oneness in which the small and separate self falls away and we become whole once more. The pain is merely a stepping stone to being engulfed by love, our natural state, our home, our truth, thus let us together do the work so that we may fly free once more. Amen.