On Becoming Whole: A Solstice Message

Recognise the effulgence of your being, the God light, the light of the Divine within, and with this, you are equipped to face all of life’s challenges: the highs, the lows, the good times, the bad times, and remain in the centre. For everything is a passing phase: the only guarantee, change. Thus to find the impenetrable within you is to find your balance and is the pathway to carry you through the changing times. And to do so requires the deep dive in, not the outward seeking. For everything around you will come and go. Connect to the Masters, the Holy Ones, the Sacred Sites – all of these things will steer you till the realisation at last dawns that it is a mirror of your own light. And this spells completion. For it is a recognition of the wholeness within – the immanence of Divinity – and the pathway to both your own freedom and the leading of other souls to theirs. Thus, no effort is in vain. Meritorious action always reaps positive results on the long and sometimes lonely journey till you reach your goal and the spark of the Divine ignites your being, infusing every cell and bathing you in the light of the Divine: your natural state.

From thence, your struggles are over – no matter what unfolds in the outer. For the light comes from within and is a constant source, not dependent on other. Thus seek this light. And to those who seek this very day – the Summer Solstice – the sun in the sky can lift and elevate. For the portals are open, ready to flood you with source light, which is one and the same as the light which ignites all things. Your light shines bright, Dear One, obscure it not with the mundanities of life. Instead remember it in every waking moment till the full realisation dawns and the small self is subsumed in the transcendental Self and you are free. The pain is merely in letting go of that which is false within you. So make haste, Dear One. Shed those tears, those outdated scripts and be – the one you always were and are: free, released from bondage, aligned with truth, back home – even whilst in the human body, aware and fully conscious of the Me in you and the you in Me, Amen.

Photo: At Kealkill Stone Circle, Ireland