Twilight Speaks…

Twilight speaks… The distance between night and day, dark and light, and all illusory opposites, the moment of truth where it is possible to penetrate the illusion, break out of the cycle of suffering and find your freedom, established in the centre. This is why it is recommended to meditate at this time. For the veils between the worlds, the world of matter and spirit, are thinner, and one can more easily access new levels of awareness. And as in nature, the shift from dark to light, so too in the human, and the world at large, again and again, from age to age. The only way to break free thus being to step outside and see things with a new pair of eyes, see it for the Divine Lila that it is, and in so doing become free from the bonds that tie you down. 

Thus seize this moment, for yourself and for the whole. For the quicker you awaken, the quicker the experience will shift for the whole. Do not fear the dark, for the stars shine brightly within it, never tainted one iota by it, in fact shining more brightly because of it. Instead go in to your own darkness, till you find too the penetrative light within, the all-encompassing light of the One, exploding in to your being, and lifting you once and for all out of despair, out of suffering, and in to the state of the eternal, the unchangeable, everlasting bliss that you are. The opportunities are many, yet those who take the leap, few, through fear of their own darkness – projected out. Thus, be one of the few to transmute inside, all the way, till there is nothing left to transmute and the Magnum Opus is complete: a Divine Human born, Amen.

Photo: sunset at Ballynoe Stone Circle, Northern Ireland.