The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self is the opposite of the conditioned self, from all the things that the average human being tells themselves about themselves, which is based on fabrication, illusion, delusion – all the things we have been told that we are or led to believe that we are from the moment we are born by our families, our friends, our foes, society, our so-called educators. But what do they know about the deepest recesses of our being, verily? How many of them have journeyed deeply in to their core and found the source of their well-being and so no longer project their pains out to anyone who is willing to take them on as their own? And thus why do we let the other dictate to us who we are? This is the gross fallacy of the education system which breeds clones climbing illusory ladders of success by usurping the other, competition, rising in personal glory, rather than seeing the other as a part of themselves, as they are. And in this way, even altruistic action is still coming from a stance of separation. 

And thus the goal is to journey deeply in, strip away the multifaceted and deeply penetrating layers of conditioning till one is left bare to the bone, often battered and bruised by the seeming hardship suffered in getting to this point, for it comes with much loss. But the gain far outweighs the loss, for one finds one’s freedom. For it is only from a point of zero that one can start to authentically build, making and creating their unique expression in this world which is born of the spirit that unites all things, and thus takes all aspects of the creation in to consideration. Thus, rather than striving to make your mark, strive to become free and untainted by the corruption you see around you, and in so doing a pure vessel to do the work ordained by the one, the infinite, the pure, undivided consciousness, which cannot be corrupted and stands true for all of time.

Find your own light and then help other people to do the same. This is essentially the only rule of life – perfectly simple, and yet seemingly so hard to follow. Let this fallacy too fall away and be who you are, all of who you are, and let others be the same. For each is unique, born perfect in themselves, and each has their own unique part to play in the playground of life in which collectively we evolve to the point of completion: the moment of realisation of our oneness in which the small and separate self falls away and we become whole once more. The pain is merely a stepping stone to being engulfed by love, our natural state, our home, our truth, thus let us together do the work so that we may fly free once more. Amen.