Shiva Speaks…

Maha Shivaratri – The Great Festival Of Shiva: not a time for squandering in idle pursuit, but a time to journey deeply inward, chanting, praying, fasting, meditating, honouring the sacredness of life. For in so doing, you will connect to the essence of your being, your light, your truth, and from thence be able to shine these qualities upon the world. And this is what the world needs most right now – for people to do the work, the inner work, of purification and becoming all that they can be, so that they can better serve the whole of which they are part. For it is only in taking a unified approach that there is any chance of salvation.

So take the time – my time – to celebrate life, for the beauty of life lies in one’s spiritual connection. For it is this that enables one to rise above the illusory opposites of pleasure and pain and find one’s freedom, established in the centre, and it is in this pure state that one can create the bright new world that we all know is possible.

Thus, be with me, say your prayers, for yourself, yes, but so too for the whole of humankind, and know that my blessings will be bestowed upon all who do the work with positive intent – for no effort is in vain, and my boons too from material advancement, where this is required for one to effectively carry out their path of service, to releasing blocks, to ultimate enlightenment, freedom, Moksha, for those who are brave enough to keep going all the way to the final destination. Thus, start now, wherever you are, and together we will shift the experience of the whole.

Go in love and peace and with my infinite blessings this sacred Holy day, Amen.