The Land Speaks

The land speaks, just as humans speak, just humans rarely take the time to listen to the land, and this is the cause of the destruction that has been wreaked on the planet. But the humans are waking up now, in abundance, and their spiritual channels are opening, meaning those that were formerly closed can hear again, see again, feel again. And it is this connection to the land, coupled with connection to spirit, that will carry one through the changing times. For one cannot do without either. The connection to spirit – the voice of one’s soul – is needed to transmit higher-level guidance and Divine light, and the connection to the land is needed to hold and anchor this higher-level light and so too to support one through their ascension process, that they may remain rooted and grounded, and able to do all that is required of them.

Thus, keep your connection to the land. It does not need to be anything fancy. Just simply walking the land, sitting on the land, lying on the land, meditating on the land. And see how quickly a mood can shift from a negative state to a positive state, from an, ‘I can’t do it,’ to an, ‘I can do it and I will do it’ stance, and this is all from connection to the holding ground. And in the age-old law of reciprocity, the land, too, must be treated with the respect that She is due: loved not tortured, nourished not deprived, and more, listened to. For when the humans and the land take the time to cooperate, this is when the magic can unfold in the forging of a new harmonious way of living. Thus take the time wherever you are, whoever you are. For each step that you take, with positive intent, faith and respect, will be met a thousandfold by the earth that is your Mother. Amen.

Photo taken looking out from Carn Kenidjack in Penwith, Cornwall, where this post was written...