The Winter Speaks

The winter speaks, as do all seasons. For there is a time and a place for everything in this earthly existence, and this time – my time – is for rest and restoration and journeying deeply in. For to journey deeply in is to access the voice of your soul, and more, the universal soul, which is the spirit within and guiding force to bring you back towards a remembrance of your oneness. Thus, fight not the urge to rest and go inside, seek not to go against the natural ebbs and flows of life with artificial stimulants. Instead, go in and be. Listen. What is it you came here for? What is the meaning of your existence? Who are you and why are you here?

The answers to these questions I provide, to the one who seeks. But first they must go inside and do the work to break away from the shackles that have held them back. Thus, fear not the icy cold or the stormy wind. For it is time to shed that which no longer serves you, shed that which is not of truth in you, so you can create the space for that which is true: the shining light of the Divine. And I transmit this in abundance at this Holy time of year, at the change of the seasons, and the onset of the birth of Christ: a symbol of the God in man and the man in God, transcending all religions, all castes, all creeds, and all other illusory forms of separation.

Thus, be with me, imbibe my spirit, and know that the time will come to burst forth back in to life as my cycle completes and the next is born. Go with a blessing of peace and faith that all will be well, as it was in the beginning and indeed shall be in the end. For each cycle of shedding and release and birthing anew brings you back to your oneness with the all and this is my wish for you. Amen.

Photo of the Winter Solstice setting sun from within the Nine Maidens Stone Circle, Penwith, Cornwall.