The Moss Fairies Speak… At Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

We are happy to have made your acquaintance. For it is rare that a human takes the time to sit and listen to what we have to say. For the human somehow thinks that they own the place and live their lives quite oblivious to the multiple spirit forces around them existing at one and the same time and in one and the same place – at least the unawake ones. The ones who have woken up and are awakening are much more likely to stop awhile sensing the presence of us even if they cannot quite name what it is. But we are not hidden and shrouded in secrecy – no. We are willing to show ourselves to all who share our mission of cleansing the Earth, our beautiful Mother, and contributing to the restoration of balance from the chaos that has been wreaked. Thus, work with us as collaborators and see what magic can unfold, even in the most destructive of environments. For a positive thought and a positive intent can move mountains, particularly when this mission spirals outwards.

And look within this sacred landscape to see, verily, that magic can and will survive. For there continue to exist little pockets of it here and there against all the odds which is evidence that such places of beauty can withstand the pressures of the time. And we work in abundance here, collaborating with each other to ensure the longevity of our environment. Thus take a leaf out of our book and work with each other, not against each other, no matter the creed or caste. For we were all placed here on this earth at the same time and in the same place to accelerate the shift from the age of darkness and destruction to one of light and beauty. Thus connect to the beautiful spaces to remember your own beauty which is one and the same as the beauty which exists in all things and help us draw it out of even the most destructive of persons. For it is disconnection from source that causes people to treat others in negative ways – including the environment. So rather than blaming and shaming let us see what we can do to enhance and foster and spread more widely our own connection to source that more and more can be inspired and wake up and realise the dream of this sacred Earth project.

And if your will should falter, remember that beneath it all we are all whole and one and of the same infinite source and nothing can diminish the truth of our being. Blessings to you and to all for a magic inspired life of freedom and connection and spreading beauty far and wide. This is the only mission that counts now for the rest are temporary and will fall. Find the truth and spread the truth and we will support a thousandfold anyone who shares our mission as will all the Higher Beings of Light who each exist as fractals of the same consciousness, only with more elevated levels of awareness, in order to guide the human being towards obtaining their true state and contributing to the mass awakening of the planet. The fairies, the humans, the beast – in truth there is no division, so let us together make whole the pieces that have been splayed apart contributing in our own way to the restoration of the great whole that holds us and the realisation of the even greater whole beyond in which everything is pure light – our natural state, Amen.