Spring Speaks… A Message of Love…

Be still a while and breathe in to and acclimatise to my energy, for my energy is one of love and I emit this to all, no matter their creed or caste. For all are equal aspects of creation from the worm to the human to the budding flower, spreading its joy and light and beauty in the world. And thus my message is one of love: for each one to love their neighbour, no matter what, and to speak kindly to one another, no matter what, and to wish the best – the highest good – for everybody, no matter what. For wishing for the highest good absolves you – the small you – of responsibility, for you do not have the full picture in mind.

And Spring is a time to sow new seeds, so let those seeds be seeds of love, of how you can spread a little light, no matter what you see around you. For there is always a choice. Thus, listen to your heart, not your fear and speak and act from the deepest place within you that is the golden elixir which exists in and unites all things. Know that light cannot be extinguished, it can only be obscured, thus shine your light so bright that it keeps the flame of love and harmony and peace alive no matter what unfolds around you. For God is love and you are love and nothing can diminish this truth.

Be at peace within your heart and know that nothing can take from the whole. The cycle of light and dark turns again and again within the individual and within the planet at large until the consciousness level is such that it lifts to a new perspective. Thus let my energy warm your soul and play a part in lifting your perspective, so that little by little the perspective of the whole can shift. Breathe in to my energy, delight in my beauty, and let this invigorate and carry you through the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful – centred and at peace. For at bottom you are whole and your soul flies free. This is the message I bring and the blessing I bestow, Amen.