The Mountain Speaks

A channelled message from Holyhead Mountain on Holy Island, situated off the Island of Anglesey, off the North West Coast of Wales – written at the summit of the mountain.

The mountain speaks, as all aspects of nature speak. For as with humans, all aspects of nature have a spirit and so too a voice. Just most of the humans are cut off from hearing our voice in all its different facets through years of incorrect ways of living, clogging themselves and therefore their spiritual channels up with toxins, and following all manner of materialistic pursuits at the expense of living a life aligned with spirit, aligned with their soul values. But it is not all doom and gloom, for a large portion have woken up and are waking up and these are the ones that can carry those that are not yet awake through. And the key to coming back in to harmony with oneself is coming back in to harmony with nature. It is the only way. For one cannot continue to live a life cut off from the very holding ground of their incarnation and expect to survive. 

And the mountain speaks of truth and beauty and the magnitude of human potential and can transmit this to any willing soul. For the message is for each to rise up above their illusory limitations and become all that they can be. For we stand firm no matter what, eon after eon, incorruptible, steady and steadfast. And this is what is being called of humans now: to stand firm in their convictions, and to keep their convictions pure, uncorrupted by the changing tides of life, and not thwarted by going after glittery and temporary material gains at the expense of truth.

So come to the mountain – any mountain – and connect to the truth, to the magnitude of your being, which is in essence Divine and pure and at one with the all. And yet, as you rise in power, take care not to become corrupted and think that the power is all yours. Instead bow before the Almighty and know that you are one part of the all, connected through all of time, despite the illusion of separation and the temporary shell you reside in. And from me, the Holyhead Mountain, to you, the reader, I send a blessing of peace. For peace within equals peace without, and the more you imbibe this quality, the more it will ripple out to all in its wake, and so too a blessing of holiness, from the shores of this Holy Isle, so that the truth of your inner Divinity can shine forth and elevate your spirit, and that of all those around you.

This is the pathway to unity consciousness and the only way for humankind to live at peace within themselves and with each other, respecting each one and each aspect, and never knowingly doing a thing that could harm another soul or force, and so too remembering the land on which they walk their feet, and playing their part in the restoration of any wrongs they have knowingly or unknowingly committed. There is hope for all, but it requires a unified response – unified not being misconstrued as meaning blindly following established norms and doctrines, or indeed fighting out against them, but remembering and respecting each part as an aspect of themselves and as an aspect of God.

And from my summit, I offer a clearer channel to that inner spark that already resides within. So sit and be with me and may the blessing of union come to you, of a tangible awareness of your oneness. This is my wish for you. 

My words have been spoken. Amen.