On Freedom… From the Holy Mountain of Arunachala, India

Freedom is the moment of arrival at the goal you have been seeking all your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is the goal to which all human beings aspire. It can be sudden, like the click of the fingers, or painfully evolve little by little, as the human part of you clings in fear. And this is the only cause of trouble: the human part – the part that thinks it is separate striving for name, glory or fame, hankering after the perfect partner, home, job, when all of this can be snatched away in an instant, leaving the human convulsing in pain. This is when the moment is ripe to start the journey – the journey back to the One. But it can come with hardship of the type that most are not inclined to put themselves through, because it means loss not gain, and the human is taught to seek gain by the society that wishes to grow and support itself above the other, elbowing their neighbours out, so they can have the biggest piece of the pie. Who thought up this foolish game? If everything is God, and all are interconnected parts of the whole, why such ignorance, whither must we suffer so? The answer is the pathway back to the One. For we start to seek, and the further we go, the more we lose, till we find it is just ourself, standing alone, unchained, unbound and free… Amen.