The Wind Speaks

A channelled message from the wind, below, together with a short video clip filmed on Brancaster Beach in Norfolk last month (might want to watch without sound as it’s loud wind…)

The wind speaks… I clear away the debris of the human mind, which is the root cause of all evil in the world. For the mind sews the seeds of everything, and the mind is an illusion that keeps one separate from the totality of which they are part. And it is this illusory separateness that causes one to hurt another person, place or thing, whether it be in thought, word or action, and so too it is this illusion that has caused the human to stamp their authority over one another and on nature, of which they are part, and without whom they could not exist.

Thus – yes – the wind speaks: to clear away the debris of the human mind. For the outer is merely an expression of the inner, and the chaos you see around you was seeded in the human mind. The wind can cause havoc, yes, but no more than the human mind. For it is in the human mind that wars are seeded, that deforestation is seeded, that crimes on every level – to all aspects of the cosmos – are seeded.

Yet I come with a message of hope. For at bottom, the human is pure and connected to the light, and a unified part of this inexplicable phenomenon that we call the whole. And I come to remind humans of this oneness, even when – and especially when – I am fierce. For I force the human to wake up to their powerlessness before God and their over inflated sense of self-importance, so that they may take their place as one, working cooperatively towards a common aim. This is the promise I bring. Thus fear not my gusts, for they restore the balance, the peace, the equilibrium, for a unified you and a unified world. Amen.