The Journey to the One…

The Journey to the One, the path from dark to light, from impurity to purity. This has been the path – the one needing to be exhausted before the latter could emerge. This is the journey of all human beings – from ignorance to truth. No one is immune, save for the Holy Ones: the Saints and Avatars. Everyone must take this path in his or her life, to rid themselves of the ignorance of Maya, the false pride at the erroneous perception of their separate existence, so they can merge back with the One, take their place as part and parcel of the Father: the only true goal in life. And the ignorance comes in different shades according to the proclivities of the individual, the unspent karma and unfulfilled desires they are working through, but it is all the same stuff – Maya, identification with the illusion of the separate self.

And times of crisis in the outer, such as we are witnessing now, on grand scale, and which in truth are just beginning, are ripe times for the human to turn back towards their inner Divinity, reignite that spark of light which exists inside, so bright, so they can free themselves and their brethren. Thus be fooled not by the fancy facades of this world, which are all but temporary, and put your efforts in the right direction, the direction of truth. For the Father, Himself, helps all those souls that do so. Many will perish, many will fall, but so too many will rise up and find within themselves a strength that they did not know existed, because it is born of the Divine. And this strength – the strength to do real good – exists in each one. 

Thus seek out this strength, this spark, this inner light, and be one of the chosen ones, to steer this ailing ship out of the harbours of danger, across the tumultuous ocean, and to the shores of peace, truth and unity. It starts with each one doing the work – putting their efforts in the right direction, to better themselves and in so doing all those around them. The time is nigh, the process of transmutation from one age to another already underway, and one can fight – foolhardily, resisting what is – or submit, surrender to the pull of the Divine that wants nothing but to bring each one back to their final resting ground: the abidance of God in their heart, the realisation of the One in the all and the all in the One. Amen.