We Are All The Same…

We are all the same… What does it mean, when I don’t look like you, talk like you, think like you; when I was born in a different culture and country and have totally different aspirations, different levels of privilege or other, riches or poverty? How thus can we all be said to be the same and the world be said to be a fair place? But the answer lies in going inside. For all of the above are merely the outer differences that keep me separate from you and while I remain separate from you, I remain separate from the One, the Infinite, the Father, the Mother, the Whole. Thus, what is being asked of us all right now is to drop these facades and journey in to the depth of our beings. For it is there and there alone that lies our pathway back to the whole.

Look at the stones within my circle, see how they are all different shapes and sizes, yet see too how without even one the circle would not be complete. For we all together comprise the whole, and thus each thought, word and action cannot but reverberate in to the whole. Keep your thoughts in check, therefore, for as you judge the one, you judge the all, and you judge yourself, and the release of such judgment and the seeing and treating of the other as a part of you is the pathway to being seen and treated as you would wish to be treated, as the mission spirals outward and more and more souls wake up. So too, it spells the dissolution of the illusory lines of separation in which you step out of the matrix and find your freedom.

And the pathway: love – love for the One, the Father, the Mother, the Earth; Knowledge – Self-enquiry – rather than seeking to understand others, seek to understand yourself; and service – serving the One true God in everything that you do, and that means the God in me and the God in you too. Righteous action, Dharma, faith, Self-belief, love, compassion – let these qualities which are innate within each one, little by little ooze out from your being till they take over and expunge the darkness within and make all your actions pure, like the Holy Ones that walked before you. This is the pathway to redemption for the one and for the all and so too the pathway to being enveloped at last in the arms of the One and the all, no longer a separate part, but whole and free and liberated whilst living.

Go with a blessing of peace and faith that the final leap is closer to hand than you once realised. Close your eyes, put your faith in God and trust Him to do the rest. For He suctions like a magnet all His children back in to His arms. They just need to show willing to put their eyes on the eternal, not the ephemeral and the One becomes the all and you are home, abiding in a state of eternal peace and bliss, no matter the outer charade. The journey has already begun and it does not stop until you reach the goal: the final moment of union, the merger of all the separate parts within and without, inside, and from thence the illusion falls and you are free, liberated. This is Moksha and this is the purpose of the human birth. Know that the work is already done. You are home, you just do not quite know that you are home. Open your eyes and see the truth that is glaring before them, of the Me in you and the you in Me, the One in the All and the All in the One, Amen.

NB. Photo: Samhain Rainbow over Scorhill Stone Circle, Dartmoor.