The Moss Fairies Speak… At Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

We are happy to have made your acquaintance. For it is rare that a human takes the time to sit and listen to what we have to say. For the human somehow thinks that they own the place and live their lives quite oblivious to the multiple spirit forces around them existing at one and the same time and in one and the same place – at least the unawake ones. The ones who have woken up and are awakening are much more likely to stop awhile sensing the presence of us even if they cannot quite name what it is. But we are not hidden and shrouded in secrecy – no. We are willing to show ourselves to all who share our mission of cleansing the Earth, our beautiful Mother, and contributing to the restoration of balance from the chaos that has been wreaked. Thus, work with us as collaborators and see what magic can unfold, even in the most destructive of environments. For a positive thought and a positive intent can move mountains, particularly when this mission spirals outwards.

And look within this sacred landscape to see, verily, that magic can and will survive. For there continue to exist little pockets of it here and there against all the odds which is evidence that such places of beauty can withstand the pressures of the time. And we work in abundance here, collaborating with each other to ensure the longevity of our environment. Thus take a leaf out of our book and work with each other, not against each other, no matter the creed or caste. For we were all placed here on this earth at the same time and in the same place to accelerate the shift from the age of darkness and destruction to one of light and beauty. Thus connect to the beautiful spaces to remember your own beauty which is one and the same as the beauty which exists in all things and help us draw it out of even the most destructive of persons. For it is disconnection from source that causes people to treat others in negative ways – including the environment. So rather than blaming and shaming let us see what we can do to enhance and foster and spread more widely our own connection to source that more and more can be inspired and wake up and realise the dream of this sacred Earth project.

And if your will should falter, remember that beneath it all we are all whole and one and of the same infinite source and nothing can diminish the truth of our being. Blessings to you and to all for a magic inspired life of freedom and connection and spreading beauty far and wide. This is the only mission that counts now for the rest are temporary and will fall. Find the truth and spread the truth and we will support a thousandfold anyone who shares our mission as will all the Higher Beings of Light who each exist as fractals of the same consciousness, only with more elevated levels of awareness, in order to guide the human being towards obtaining their true state and contributing to the mass awakening of the planet. The fairies, the humans, the beast – in truth there is no division, so let us together make whole the pieces that have been splayed apart contributing in our own way to the restoration of the great whole that holds us and the realisation of the even greater whole beyond in which everything is pure light – our natural state, Amen.

Spring Speaks… A Message of Love…

Be still a while and breathe in to and acclimatise to my energy, for my energy is one of love and I emit this to all, no matter their creed or caste. For all are equal aspects of creation from the worm to the human to the budding flower, spreading its joy and light and beauty in the world. And thus my message is one of love: for each one to love their neighbour, no matter what, and to speak kindly to one another, no matter what, and to wish the best – the highest good – for everybody, no matter what. For wishing for the highest good absolves you – the small you – of responsibility, for you do not have the full picture in mind.

And Spring is a time to sow new seeds, so let those seeds be seeds of love, of how you can spread a little light, no matter what you see around you. For there is always a choice. Thus, listen to your heart, not your fear and speak and act from the deepest place within you that is the golden elixir which exists in and unites all things. Know that light cannot be extinguished, it can only be obscured, thus shine your light so bright that it keeps the flame of love and harmony and peace alive no matter what unfolds around you. For God is love and you are love and nothing can diminish this truth.

Be at peace within your heart and know that nothing can take from the whole. The cycle of light and dark turns again and again within the individual and within the planet at large until the consciousness level is such that it lifts to a new perspective. Thus let my energy warm your soul and play a part in lifting your perspective, so that little by little the perspective of the whole can shift. Breathe in to my energy, delight in my beauty, and let this invigorate and carry you through the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful – centred and at peace. For at bottom you are whole and your soul flies free. This is the message I bring and the blessing I bestow, Amen.

Shiva Speaks…

Maha Shivaratri – The Great Festival Of Shiva: not a time for squandering in idle pursuit, but a time to journey deeply inward, chanting, praying, fasting, meditating, honouring the sacredness of life. For in so doing, you will connect to the essence of your being, your light, your truth, and from thence be able to shine these qualities upon the world. And this is what the world needs most right now – for people to do the work, the inner work, of purification and becoming all that they can be, so that they can better serve the whole of which they are part. For it is only in taking a unified approach that there is any chance of salvation.

So take the time – my time – to celebrate life, for the beauty of life lies in one’s spiritual connection. For it is this that enables one to rise above the illusory opposites of pleasure and pain and find one’s freedom, established in the centre, and it is in this pure state that one can create the bright new world that we all know is possible.

Thus, be with me, say your prayers, for yourself, yes, but so too for the whole of humankind, and know that my blessings will be bestowed upon all who do the work with positive intent – for no effort is in vain, and my boons too from material advancement, where this is required for one to effectively carry out their path of service, to releasing blocks, to ultimate enlightenment, freedom, Moksha, for those who are brave enough to keep going all the way to the final destination. Thus, start now, wherever you are, and together we will shift the experience of the whole.

Go in love and peace and with my infinite blessings this sacred Holy day, Amen.

The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self is the opposite of the conditioned self, from all the things that the average human being tells themselves about themselves, which is based on fabrication, illusion, delusion – all the things we have been told that we are or led to believe that we are from the moment we are born by our families, our friends, our foes, society, our so-called educators. But what do they know about the deepest recesses of our being, verily? How many of them have journeyed deeply in to their core and found the source of their well-being and so no longer project their pains out to anyone who is willing to take them on as their own? And thus why do we let the other dictate to us who we are? This is the gross fallacy of the education system which breeds clones climbing illusory ladders of success by usurping the other, competition, rising in personal glory, rather than seeing the other as a part of themselves, as they are. And in this way, even altruistic action is still coming from a stance of separation. 

And thus the goal is to journey deeply in, strip away the multifaceted and deeply penetrating layers of conditioning till one is left bare to the bone, often battered and bruised by the seeming hardship suffered in getting to this point, for it comes with much loss. But the gain far outweighs the loss, for one finds one’s freedom. For it is only from a point of zero that one can start to authentically build, making and creating their unique expression in this world which is born of the spirit that unites all things, and thus takes all aspects of the creation in to consideration. Thus, rather than striving to make your mark, strive to become free and untainted by the corruption you see around you, and in so doing a pure vessel to do the work ordained by the one, the infinite, the pure, undivided consciousness, which cannot be corrupted and stands true for all of time.

Find your own light and then help other people to do the same. This is essentially the only rule of life – perfectly simple, and yet seemingly so hard to follow. Let this fallacy too fall away and be who you are, all of who you are, and let others be the same. For each is unique, born perfect in themselves, and each has their own unique part to play in the playground of life in which collectively we evolve to the point of completion: the moment of realisation of our oneness in which the small and separate self falls away and we become whole once more. The pain is merely a stepping stone to being engulfed by love, our natural state, our home, our truth, thus let us together do the work so that we may fly free once more. Amen.

Goddess Brigid Speaks… An Imbolc Message…

Goddess Brigid Speaks. She sends you a blessing of love, of peace, of harmony, of balance, at this sacred time of year, Imbolc, as the seasons prepare to turn from dark to light. As it is on the outside, so too on the inside as humanity purges their dark matter and turns to the light. Know that the time will come when the darkness has been spent and light again will reign supreme. Thus fear not the tumultuous unfoldings, instead keep your eye focused on the light of the Divine: the one true light that lights up all hearts. And as you witness something that displeases you, go inside and transmute within the inner anger and fear till you are ready to respond in a different way. And use my energy – the energy of Spring, of healing, of rebirthing – again and again to carry you through the changing times.

The land will support you, so walk the land, and feel yourself to be reinvigorated as you do so, and filled with hope and light and better placed to spread these qualities to all your brethren, who are not apart from you, no matter which side of the illusory fence they sit. For life is a game and when one comes to know this, the outcome changes from fear to service, from fighting to collaboration. Thus keep any and all spiritual practices up at this time too for this is what will enable you – little by little – to penetrate the illusion and find your freedom. Know that all is well and that the rebirth is coming soon, Amen.

The Land Speaks

The land speaks, just as humans speak, just humans rarely take the time to listen to the land, and this is the cause of the destruction that has been wreaked on the planet. But the humans are waking up now, in abundance, and their spiritual channels are opening, meaning those that were formerly closed can hear again, see again, feel again. And it is this connection to the land, coupled with connection to spirit, that will carry one through the changing times. For one cannot do without either. The connection to spirit – the voice of one’s soul – is needed to transmit higher-level guidance and Divine light, and the connection to the land is needed to hold and anchor this higher-level light and so too to support one through their ascension process, that they may remain rooted and grounded, and able to do all that is required of them.

Thus, keep your connection to the land. It does not need to be anything fancy. Just simply walking the land, sitting on the land, lying on the land, meditating on the land. And see how quickly a mood can shift from a negative state to a positive state, from an, ‘I can’t do it,’ to an, ‘I can do it and I will do it’ stance, and this is all from connection to the holding ground. And in the age-old law of reciprocity, the land, too, must be treated with the respect that She is due: loved not tortured, nourished not deprived, and more, listened to. For when the humans and the land take the time to cooperate, this is when the magic can unfold in the forging of a new harmonious way of living. Thus take the time wherever you are, whoever you are. For each step that you take, with positive intent, faith and respect, will be met a thousandfold by the earth that is your Mother. Amen.

Photo taken looking out from Carn Kenidjack in Penwith, Cornwall, where this post was written...

The Winter Speaks

The winter speaks, as do all seasons. For there is a time and a place for everything in this earthly existence, and this time – my time – is for rest and restoration and journeying deeply in. For to journey deeply in is to access the voice of your soul, and more, the universal soul, which is the spirit within and guiding force to bring you back towards a remembrance of your oneness. Thus, fight not the urge to rest and go inside, seek not to go against the natural ebbs and flows of life with artificial stimulants. Instead, go in and be. Listen. What is it you came here for? What is the meaning of your existence? Who are you and why are you here?

The answers to these questions I provide, to the one who seeks. But first they must go inside and do the work to break away from the shackles that have held them back. Thus, fear not the icy cold or the stormy wind. For it is time to shed that which no longer serves you, shed that which is not of truth in you, so you can create the space for that which is true: the shining light of the Divine. And I transmit this in abundance at this Holy time of year, at the change of the seasons, and the onset of the birth of Christ: a symbol of the God in man and the man in God, transcending all religions, all castes, all creeds, and all other illusory forms of separation.

Thus, be with me, imbibe my spirit, and know that the time will come to burst forth back in to life as my cycle completes and the next is born. Go with a blessing of peace and faith that all will be well, as it was in the beginning and indeed shall be in the end. For each cycle of shedding and release and birthing anew brings you back to your oneness with the all and this is my wish for you. Amen.

Photo of the Winter Solstice setting sun from within the Nine Maidens Stone Circle, Penwith, Cornwall.

The Wind Speaks

A channelled message from the wind, below, together with a short video clip filmed on Brancaster Beach in Norfolk last month (might want to watch without sound as it’s loud wind…)

The wind speaks… I clear away the debris of the human mind, which is the root cause of all evil in the world. For the mind sews the seeds of everything, and the mind is an illusion that keeps one separate from the totality of which they are part. And it is this illusory separateness that causes one to hurt another person, place or thing, whether it be in thought, word or action, and so too it is this illusion that has caused the human to stamp their authority over one another and on nature, of which they are part, and without whom they could not exist.

Thus – yes – the wind speaks: to clear away the debris of the human mind. For the outer is merely an expression of the inner, and the chaos you see around you was seeded in the human mind. The wind can cause havoc, yes, but no more than the human mind. For it is in the human mind that wars are seeded, that deforestation is seeded, that crimes on every level – to all aspects of the cosmos – are seeded.

Yet I come with a message of hope. For at bottom, the human is pure and connected to the light, and a unified part of this inexplicable phenomenon that we call the whole. And I come to remind humans of this oneness, even when – and especially when – I am fierce. For I force the human to wake up to their powerlessness before God and their over inflated sense of self-importance, so that they may take their place as one, working cooperatively towards a common aim. This is the promise I bring. Thus fear not my gusts, for they restore the balance, the peace, the equilibrium, for a unified you and a unified world. Amen.

The Healing Power of the Stone Circle

This is a channelled piece of writing on the Healing Power of the Stone Circle.

The stone circle is a representation of our unity with all levels of the cosmos, our oneness with the all. When we sit within therefore, something of a memory of this oneness from which so many are cut from is restored. The energy and power of these ancient circles is as strong today as ever. It just requires a reverence for and a connecting in to, to reach its full capacity. So those that wander in and out of the circle, seemingly unaware, are still impacted, but those that do the work and sit inside are fully activated by the healing vibes contained therein, which go way beyond the physical, and cross the realms, and are guarded by legions of light beings, here to assist in the awakening of the human race.

And just as sitting within the circle, meditating within the circle, and lying flat on the ground within the circle restores something of one’s true nature to them, so too does it restore something of the true purpose of these ancient sites for them. For when they are forgotten and misused, their power abates, or rather, lays dormant, but when they are actively engaged with in respectful and harmonious ways, they wake back up. And thus, it is a two-way street, as is all of life, of giving and receiving, and mutual respect, creating the highest outcome for the whole of which one is part.

These sites are there for a reason and the disconnect from them is merely a by-product of the age of materialism, which is fast coming to a close. So now is the time to reengage in any and all practices that restore the balance, both within the individual, and within the whole. For each step the individual takes in that direction is a step for the whole of mankind who are inextricably linked through all of time and collectively walk towards the Godhead, the remembrance of their oneness, and union with the all.

No qualifications are required to silently sit and be and feel and absorb the healing power of these sites, but they must be treated with respect and awe, and attended to with care. They are not a playground for people, or a product off a shelf, taken in order to temporarily feel better, but a place to come in to balance and peace and harmony within oneself. And the more people that cultivate these inner qualities, the more they will ripple out and touch the masses. For the awakening of one always contributes to the awakening of the other and the all. This is the law of life.

So next time you pass a stone circle: stop, sit a while, and be. Call on the Guardians of the space and state your intention, to both heal and be healed. For as one clears out and works through one’s own wounds, it becomes possible to facilitate this process for others, and so it goes ad infinitum. Sit for as long as you feel called to sit, and let the magic unfold. And the more time spent acclimatising to the frequency of wholeness, the better equipped one is to walk their true path, as decreed by the Divine, and take their place – unique to each – on this strange and challenging and tumultuous, yet also beautiful place they call earth.

As people reconnect to their inner beauty, they contribute to the remembrance of and restoration of the outer beauty, which is apparent in nature all around them. And thus loving and serving and respecting the earth – the Mother – becomes a natural way of being, the only way to be. This is the wish of all the Higher Beings and forces of light in all dimensions: for each one to take their place and live in harmony with the other and with all elements of the cosmos of which they are part.

Ceremonial practices augment and amplify the intention, but are not a requirement. The simple intent is enough to connect and be, and share in the great mystery that is the circle of life. None more qualified than the other, for all exist as equal parts, unique and yet united, as one.

This article first featured in Kindred Spirit Magazine, Nov/Dec 21 Issue.

The Mountain Speaks

A channelled message from Holyhead Mountain on Holy Island, situated off the Island of Anglesey, off the North West Coast of Wales – written at the summit of the mountain.

The mountain speaks, as all aspects of nature speak. For as with humans, all aspects of nature have a spirit and so too a voice. Just most of the humans are cut off from hearing our voice in all its different facets through years of incorrect ways of living, clogging themselves and therefore their spiritual channels up with toxins, and following all manner of materialistic pursuits at the expense of living a life aligned with spirit, aligned with their soul values. But it is not all doom and gloom, for a large portion have woken up and are waking up and these are the ones that can carry those that are not yet awake through. And the key to coming back in to harmony with oneself is coming back in to harmony with nature. It is the only way. For one cannot continue to live a life cut off from the very holding ground of their incarnation and expect to survive. 

And the mountain speaks of truth and beauty and the magnitude of human potential and can transmit this to any willing soul. For the message is for each to rise up above their illusory limitations and become all that they can be. For we stand firm no matter what, eon after eon, incorruptible, steady and steadfast. And this is what is being called of humans now: to stand firm in their convictions, and to keep their convictions pure, uncorrupted by the changing tides of life, and not thwarted by going after glittery and temporary material gains at the expense of truth.

So come to the mountain – any mountain – and connect to the truth, to the magnitude of your being, which is in essence Divine and pure and at one with the all. And yet, as you rise in power, take care not to become corrupted and think that the power is all yours. Instead bow before the Almighty and know that you are one part of the all, connected through all of time, despite the illusion of separation and the temporary shell you reside in. And from me, the Holyhead Mountain, to you, the reader, I send a blessing of peace. For peace within equals peace without, and the more you imbibe this quality, the more it will ripple out to all in its wake, and so too a blessing of holiness, from the shores of this Holy Isle, so that the truth of your inner Divinity can shine forth and elevate your spirit, and that of all those around you.

This is the pathway to unity consciousness and the only way for humankind to live at peace within themselves and with each other, respecting each one and each aspect, and never knowingly doing a thing that could harm another soul or force, and so too remembering the land on which they walk their feet, and playing their part in the restoration of any wrongs they have knowingly or unknowingly committed. There is hope for all, but it requires a unified response – unified not being misconstrued as meaning blindly following established norms and doctrines, or indeed fighting out against them, but remembering and respecting each part as an aspect of themselves and as an aspect of God.

And from my summit, I offer a clearer channel to that inner spark that already resides within. So sit and be with me and may the blessing of union come to you, of a tangible awareness of your oneness. This is my wish for you. 

My words have been spoken. Amen.